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Solar Attic Pool Heater

A solar attic pool heater uses the heat in your attic to heat your pool. On a warm day a typical attic can get very hot inside. The attic pool heater will not only use this free energy to heat your pool, it will also cool your attic. This can save you money by greatly reducing your air conditioning bill.

The solar attic pool heater works by pumping the pool water into the attic where it absorbs the heat from the air. The heated water then flows back to the pool. According to the video the attic pool heating system will take your pool water up to about 95% of the temperature of the air in the attic. With a thermostatic control you can keep the water from getting too warm.

On an average size house there is plenty of heat in the attic to heat a pool as long as the surface area of the attic is at least the size of the pool.

Other advantages of solar attic pool heaters vs pool solar heater panels is they are invisible from outside and are out of the way. With most modern homes the attic is unused space. These pool heaters utilize that unused space so they won’t be in the way or be an eyesore outside.

Since they are in the attic they are protected from potential damage. This helps prevent sun damage, storm damage, freezing, children, adults, etc.

A potential problem could be water damage in your home if there was ever a leak. As they mention in the video, all the pipe inside is one single piece with no joints. This will help minimize the danger of leaks and the controls have a safety sensor that will shut the flow of water off if a leak is detected.

The cost of these systems from the installer in the video is around $5000 but you can build one yourself for much less than that. With a heat exchanger, some simple plumbing, and the circulation from your pool’s existing pump, you’re in business. Even if the you build a solar attic pool heater that doesn’t work as efficiently as one you would buy, it will still work and cost much less.

Learn how to build a solar water heater system to heat your pool.

1 comment to Solar Attic Pool Heater

  • Donna Loftus

    I was wanting to know where the directions for building the attic pool heater system are. When I click on the link it takes me to plans for a solar hot water heater but not the attic pool heater. I am very much interested in plans for the attic pool heater. Please help.
    Donna Loftus

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